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That’s a Double Wrap!


I noticed his character right away, his swagger. The challenge at the time was to buy a boat and become a Key West charter captain. He wasn’t just looking for the title, he was truly looking to compete and succeed in one of the most competitive charter fishing climates there is. Not only do you need thick skin here, but ... Read More »

Marina Weather Signs


Over 100 marinas operate in the Florida Keys, each representing an important center of maritime activity.  In marinas, various watercraft are stored, put in and out of the water, maintained, serviced, and fueled.  In addition, many marinas are “communities” where people gather to share a meal or a story, help each other out, socialize, communicate, and make decisions about vessel ... Read More »

The Small Craft Advisory


What is a “small craft advisory”, or a “small craft”, for that matter?  What is the difference between an “advisory” and a “warning”?  Anglers, boaters, guides and other captains here in the fabulous Florida Keys often ask these questions.  I hope to provide some answers to these excellent questions in this article. The U.S. National Weather Service marine weather warning ... Read More »

Cult of Personality: Captain Ron Teke


The rainbow was directly in our path and once we reached the base, it surrounded us. Sun rays illuminated every drop of the cascading mountain rain making the array of rainbow colors pulse. People were pulling over to take pictures and bathe in the colorful Colorado scene. Everyone seeming equally amazed. My partner Dianne Scott and I, were on our ... Read More »

Strange Conditions


The first of November brought a double whammy of cold fronts within just 12 hours of each other. The winds were clocking  so fast it would make most captains dizzy. While cold fronts bringing high winds are normal for fall/winter here in the Florida Keys, they typically come once per week on average leaving a few days of good dive ... Read More »

Islamorada Offshore Fishing Report


Sailfish, kingfish, mahi, blackfin tuna and snappers have been caught with regularity lately.  Slow trolling with live ballyhoo and cigar minnows on and around the edge of the reef from 50 to 200 feet of water has been the most productive.  Depth of water and exact locations change from day to day with the migration of fish.  The fish are ... Read More »

The Bayview Inn on Conch Key


FishMonster Magazine is one of the first things you see as you open the entrance door of the Bayview Inn on Conch Key. We have had a relationship with the owners, Cathy and Ed Buxton since our first issue was produced and distributed throughout the Florida Keys. It was a natural fit to include the historic fishing village and hotel ... Read More »

“We want to go to the ‘Sportfishing Capital of the World’ (Islamorada) to catch a swordfish.”


Courtesy of Andy Newman, FLA-KEYS.COM    “He wants to overcome as much as he can and prove to himself he can,” Prickett said. “It shows others we don’t have to let our circumstances limit our lives.” ISLAMORADA, Florida Keys — Since Islamorada charterboat skipper Nick Stanczyk earned his captain’s license 11 years ago, he has led clients to numerous swordfish ... Read More »

The Cult of Personality: Capt. Rick Rodriguez & the SeaHorse


There are less full time charter captains than brain surgeons here in the USA presently. To be a successful captain in the year round fishing environment of the Florida Keys, certain attributes are necessary to rise above the rest. One of those attributes is personality. The ability to entertain anglers under any condition can be the difference between success and ... Read More »

An Appreciation of Cudas


by Guest Writer – John Tulp I ‘ve spent a lot of time over the past thirty years prowling shallow shoreline flats in a poled canoe, casting to practically everything that moves. From time to time, with a little help from my friends, I’ve found myself in the bow of a skiff with a fly rod in my hand and ... Read More »

The Great Wahoo Vortex of 2014


The reports were coming in daily and at times, by the minute as the Great Wahoo Vortex Of 2014 unfolded. It’s normal for the Florida Keys and Key West to experience an uptick in winter wahoo catches but this was an anomoly. To catch more than one wahoo in an outing is rare but when spearfishermen are limiting out (2 ... Read More »

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