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The Wonder(ful) Years

2013 Dolphin Masters Tournament

There’s an old joke in the Key West charter biz that goes something like this: “How do you retire as a millionaire in Key West?” “Become a billionaire and buy a charter fishing boat here.” I’ve never hit either of those lofty financial levels and, at my current pace, definitely won’t anytime in the future, but approximately 10 years ago ... Read More »

Keep on Truckin’


In my past articles, I’ve often written about the amazing people that we meet in this lifestyle we call a job. You have complete strangers book trips and only find out their lives and their stories when you have time to chat during the charter. Then, you’re often amazed to find out who or what they are. That list has ... Read More »

It’s a New Year! Wahoo!! Another Year Gone! Oh, No!!


Ever wonder why some fish have the names they do? I have, especially because common Key West offshore fish names seem either extremely appropriate or downright odd. For example, the names sailfish and swordfish majestically describe the most noticeable characteristics of those fish and fit them perfectly. Other names, however, seem to make no sense. The fish we call dolphin ... Read More »

What We Know About Wahoo


As editor of FishMonster Magazine each and every potential cover photo has found its way to my desk and the ones that make it to the newsstands have my stamp of approval. The most common cover shot for the magazine over the last four years has been wahoo. When a wahoo picture makes it’s way through the FishMonster gauntlet and ... Read More »

The ‘Lure’ of Key West


When I’ve talked with customers about what brings them to Key West over and over again, they almost always describe something specific that acts as a “lure” to bring them back. Those “lures” are as varied as the people. They include, among other things, the weather; the convenience factor/lack of the need of a car; the multiple water sports available; ... Read More »

Route (to) 66


Last month, the theme of my article was about taking the “road less traveled” and how that, to some extent, got me where I am today. That also got me to thinking (always a very dangerous thing). By the time this article is being read, i.e., October, I’ll be turning 66. I’ve always said that, once you start putting a ... Read More »

Miniatures for Miniatures


Permit… this member of the jack family is well known for frustrating fly anglers and testing the limits of light tackle spinning rods on a daily basis through out the Lower Keys. They are commonly found in the 10-20 pound range with some 30+ pound monsters found at times. When sightfished in the shallows, casting must be quick and accurate ... Read More »

The Mako Shark

Mako Shark - FishMonster

As seen in the Keynoter on August 30, 2014 We weren’t setting any FishMonster Charters records the late August morning that Robert Quirk and John Palmer from Texas joined us. Our dolphin success was at a big fat ZERO and the deep dropping had been limited to just a few minuscule black belly rosefish and a mystery fish that departed ... Read More »


Big Grouper

Captain Seth Hopp and I have never lost so many fish as we have lately fishing over one of our favorite Key West artificial reefs with our charter clients. We drop the baits deep, they get eaten by a large gamefish and a battle begins. However, at some point during a few of these battles, a catastrophic failure occurs that ... Read More »

The Old Men and the Sea


You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.  – George Burns There’s a well-known old bumper sticker that says: At my age, “getting lucky” means finding my car in the parking lot. Although I’m in my 60’s now, I really can’t fully identify with that quote, mostly because – living in Key West – I almost ... Read More »

Catch and Release African Pompano


By Capt. Marlin Scott as seen in the Keynoter, Saturday June 7, 2014 The pelican took a tight airborne turn to it’s left side and then dove straight down crashing into the shallow oceanside flat. Seemingly stunned, the bird sat upright for a few seconds and then extended its neck skyward to swallow the catch. This was a good sign ... Read More »

Isn’t That A Door(able)?


Doors are ubiquitous. They’re literally and figuratively everywhere. Doors can be of different sizes, shapes, materials or purposes. They can also be obvious or hidden. Literally, they can be used to keep someone/something in or out. Figuratively, they can be good or bad. For instance, it’s good to “get your foot in the door” as a start to a great ... Read More »

All Not Quiet on a Western Front


A Key West Dolphin Fishing Experience “All Quiet on the Western Front” was a novel written by Erich Maria Remarque, a German army vet from WWI, about the horrors of war and, in particular, its effect on the young men forced to endure it. According to Wikipedia, it was first published in 1928 in a German magazine and then in ... Read More »

The Bossman’s Broadbill


My morning routine is simple. Wake at 5am, grind the coffee and prepare for lift off. Sometimes this simple life in paradise isn’t that simple as was the case revealed early on February 26th 2014. My smartphone had gathered a few late night texts and quietly held them until morning. One of the reports came from Captain Roger Corliss out ... Read More »

The Day Before Christmas


Twas the day before Christmas And all through the bight Charter captains were scrambling To make their boats right. Checking their lines, And planning their spreads While visions of dollar signs Danced in their heads. That time was upon them The tourists were coming The bars would be filled And the docks would be humming. They had to be ready ... Read More »

Giving Thanks


There comes a point every month when I start becoming more aware that we have a first of the month deadline for all new Fishmonster articles. In other words, this November article had to be submitted by October 1. So around the 15th of each month I start to get a little “antsy” if I don’t have a trip that ... Read More »

Luck is a Lady


Guys and Dolls” is a  multiple award winning Broadway musical which debuted in 1950, starring Robert Alda, who is probably better known for being the dad of TV’s “M.A.S.H” star Alan. It had a long, successful original run – 1,200 performances – and later became a very popular movie musical as well as starring, believe it or not, Marlon Brando. ... Read More »

What Luck! or What Luck?


“Everything in life is luck. -Donald Trump “Diligence is the mother of good luck.” -Benjamin Franklin We’ve been on a pretty good roll here lately on the High Class Hooker. If you read my July article, you know that we won the Yamaha Dolphin Masters Tournament on June 1 with a group of locals, including four servers from the neighboring ... Read More »

A Really (or is that Reel-y?) Nice Boat Ride


Anyone who has fished offshore (or anywhere for that matter) more than a few times has had days when it seems there are no fish in the ocean or  if there are, none want your baits. In the charter biz, there are any number of ways to describe those days. Some include “a day in the barrel,”  “scrupulously avoiding  the ... Read More »

A Month To Celebrate


July always starts off with a bang – literally – the July 4th Independence Day celebration and the traditional accompanying fireworks (legal and otherwise!) Celebrations are a great to enjoy such special occasions and one of the nice things about having an “up-scale” charter fishing boat like the “Hooker” – a sleek 47’ Buddy Davis with lots of custom features ... Read More »

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