March/April 2017- Angelina Coniglio Swanson

by Melissa Hopp

FishMonster Magazine-March/April 2017

Fishhead Of The Month
Angelia Coniglio Swanson 
Tavernier, FL

Angelia sent in this photo of her with a 60lb. 5ft. long wahoo that she caught with an artificial lure on the edge of the reef out at Conch Reef. 

"As I jumped on the screaming rod, I realized I was in for a fight! He did all of the typical wahoo moves...ran me around the boat, screamed out hundreds of feet of line in a few different directions before heading straight down. As soon as I grabbed the rod, I had my fantastic fishing partner snap the fighting belt on me, and boy was I glad for it! I finally got that big boy to the surface, my partner got him gaffed, and the moment he hit the deck, I BEGAN SCREAMING!!!!! What a RUSH!!! Definitely a day I will never forget, and some great eating for all of my friends, neighbors, and family." -Angelia 

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Melissa Hopp
Melissa Hopp


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