Frequently asked questions

Fishing Trip FAQ’s

Here are some answers to common questions we often get regarding our fishing charters. We hope these answers help. If you have other questions, please feel free to call us anytime at  305-432-0046.

Do I need a reservation?
Reservations are recommended to ensure a spot on the boat. There are some quiet days when you can just hop on, but if you’d like to be sure, book ahead.
What should I bring with me on the charter?

You will want to bring:

  • Food and Drinks (especially water)
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses (preferably polarized)
  • Seasickness medicine, pain reliever
  • Camera

A sense of humor is also a great part of your tote. These captains are quite entertaining as you will see. A total experience!

What is provided on the trip?
  • Ice
  • Fishing license for everyone
  • Rods & Reels
  • Bait & Tackle
How can I avoid getting seasick?
To avoid seasickness be good to yourself!  A good night’s sleep and healthy diet will help a lot. Limit the amount of alcohol you drink the night before and the day of the charter. There are many products available over the counter throughout the Florida Keys to help with your possible seasickness. Take as directed prior to your trip.
What about tipping?
The standard tip for the crew is 20% of the total fare.
Will I Catch a Fish?
That depends on how you wiggle your worm! Seriously, it’s hard not to catch something, but most of all you will have a great time! If you seem to be having trouble, for whatever reason, ask one of our friendly top notch mates (that’s included too!)
How far out does the boat go?
Trip lengths are on average 4 hours depending where the fish are. We travel about 5-8 miles from the dock to the reef. The travel time on this is about 30 minute.
What can we catch?
Red grouper, black grouper, yellowtail snapper, mangrove snapper, triggerfish, cobra mackerel and amberjack. There are over 30 kinds of edible reef fish in these water.
How many people does the boat hold?
FishMonster MAX is Coastguard approved for 49 passengers. We take up to 49 people fishing per trip. The boat is 65 ft in length and has a 24 foot beam. We can fish all the way around the boat.
What if it’s raining?
Rain doesn’t bother the fish! In the summer it can cool things down and most showers are just a passing thing. A lot of the time when it’s raining on shore, it’s not on the Gulf.
Can I bring my own gear?
Why sure! As long as you know what you are doing. Please consult the crew to make sure your gear is acceptable.

Booking & Cancellation Policy

Booking Policy

  • The reservation can be secured by credit card.
  • Customary tip for trips that require a deckhand or mate is usually 20% of total cost. Please take care of your mate!
Cancellation Policy
  • We collect the 20% deposit to reserve your date and time slot. This deposit is non-refundable unless the fishing trip is cancelled by the Captain due to bad weather or unforeseen boat problems. This cancellation is made at the dock on the day of the trip, only at the Captain’s discretion. All other cancellations forfeit the 20% deposit.
  • Our booking policy is to meet at the boat at the agreed time and place on the day of the trip. If the fishing trip is cancelled by the Captain due to bad weather, we will try to re-book your fishing trip for a better day if the customer’s schedule allows, otherwise we will cheerfully refund your entire 20% deposit.
  • Cancellations by customers with less than a 48-hour phone call notice and no shows at the dock by customers on the day of the fishing trip will be charged to their credit card the full amount of the length charter slot they have reserved. When you reserve a fishing trip, we do not book anyone else for that time slot.